Rise of the Runelords

It was supposed to be a vacation

Session 1

A few months ago I ended up on the most wanted lists of a hand full of organizations. I won’t go into a whole lot of details, but being a spy kinda does that to you. It’s not like it was the first time I’ve ever been wanted for a crime, hell it wasn’t even the first time I was wanted by these organizations. It all just got a little too heated and I needed a quick exit and some time off to let my organization take care of the details. So I figured after I took care of some business in the Lhazaars I’d spend a little time up in the middle of nowhere. So here I am in Varisia, in the little quiet town of Sandpoint getting trounced by a bunch of lunatic goblins.

It was supposed to be a vacation or at the least a break from the rough and tumble lifestyle that goes with being a Dark Lantern of the Citadel. Most folks think it’s some glamorous profession. All fancy parties and quick getaways…I mean sure there are fancy parties and quick getaways, but that’s not the point. There’s a lot of trying not to be stabbed or shot or set on fire that most serials don’t get into.

Now regarding the stabbed and getting set on fire part, I had only been in town for maybe a few hours enjoying the local scene. There was a festival dedicating the new digs for the Host, apparently the place had burned down a few years ago along with some other badness. I’d have looked into things a little deeper, but I found a great deal on some mead and took advantage of it.

Look, it was my first day of vacation. How was I supposed to know the town was going to be under attack by idiot goblins? Tayne never mentioned anything about Goblins. Tayne’s a varisian mage I ran into a few years ago. He was in some trouble and I helped him out of it. Turns out, by his account, that our fates were intertwined. I wouldn’t believe such things, but he helped me out of my most recent jam and offered to show me around his native land while things cooled off.

So back to the part where I nearly died, but at the same time totally saved some people. These goblins decided to attack just as the town’s priest began to dedicate the new church. They seemed to have had some coordination and managed to stir up quite a bit of trouble. They went after the town dogs, horses, and whatever trinkets they could get their hands on. I dispatched a couple while Tayne blasted a few with magic. An older hafling joined the fray, he looked like he hadn’t swung a blade in years. A few townsfolk fought off the ‘raiders’ and the town guard finally caught up and quelled this little attack.

We managed to help out two of the towns folk directly, Ameiko Kaijitsu and Aldern Foxglove.

I forgot to mention or didn’t want to, that somehow that Silver Flame devotee found me. I thought I saw him during the festival, but I assumed it was just the mead playing tricks. Well, when those goblins attacked it was no longer a trick. He was there in the flesh and he wanted to talk.



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