Rise of the Runelords

Captain's Log

Celebrations, and .... eh

So I traveled up to that little town up the coast to celebrate their Solar Sun Celebration or some other festival I have never heard of back in Aundaire. I am not sure if this was actually a church sponsored event, or they were just christening the new church in time with the celebration.

It doesn’t matter. I spent most the afternoon drinking with [[:Ameiko. | Ameiko Kaijitsu]] She loves me, I know she acts hard, but that girl does appreciate my company.

Anyway the crowds started to fill out and I figured it was time to go on the hunt. Armed with a few bottles of wine I started to make my way through the crowds. I ran across Content Not Found: Katrine_ and _Content Not Found: Shayliss. My lord the lands do cry out to me when the land is ready to plow. Wine was a great start to open the way, but the pretty poppets do like their baubles. So I attempted to win over somethings sparkly and cheap. I dare say I have angered some warlock or spirit of the air though, for I was in no way deep enough into my bottles to not be able to stand on a beam, yet as though some force inconceivable, I failed to stand on a board and hold my balance. The vixens were off out of site by the time I regained my feet.

As the sun started to dip behind the horizon it was time to christen the church. I was the only person that seemed to notice a local dog having fits, and when I went over to investigate, we were besieged by goblins. While fighting is a skill I haven’t used in some time, it came back to me and we managed to vanquish the beasts. I found it proper for the bards to have symmetry, the night started with me saving one dog, and killing another.

Oh, we saved some prissy old man too.



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